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How do I choose one Payroll, HR, Benefits, and Workers’ Comp Company over the next?

Your needs are quite simple, but choosing the best solutions isn’t.  You want a company that has the expertise to produce accurate, on-time services at a price that is fair, while consistently providing customer service that lets you know they value your business. 

The following are questions you should ask of any payroll company prior to making this important decision.

  1. How often will I have a new payroll processor?
  2. How much experience does my payroll processor have?
  3. What happens if my payroll processor is ill or on vacation?
  4. What if I have an emergency? How soon will I be able to talk to my contact?
  5. What is the Double Check Verification Process and how does it improve accuracy?
  6. What do I do with Garnishments, Unemployment Claims and Workers Compensation Claims and Audits?
  7. Am I paying for services I don't use and/or need?
  8. What if I have a problem with an employee and need some quick advice?
  9. What if I need employee benefits?
  10. Am I frustrated with hard to understand invoicing and surprise charges?

Please, contact The People Group today to find out what other questions should be asked and more importantly the right answers.

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