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Don't Pay for Services You Don't Need!

Ala Carte Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Benefits Administration Services

Pay only for the services you need. Not for services you don't. The People Group's ala carte service method let's you cover business needs without getting stuck paying more (sometimes a lot more) for services you do not need due to service bundling. Also, The People Group provides free of charge essential services your business needs to function like: Employment Forms, Direct Deposits, Payroll delivery, and basic HR services.

The People Group is designed to provide your company and your employees with the absolute best services including Human Resources, payroll and Employee Benefits Administration!

By creating a flexible package of human resources, payroll and employee benefits administration services, you control the services you need when you need them.  The People Group's expert staff works with you to provide you the service you need at a price that fits your budget. We look forward to working with you and guarantee your satisfaction.

"We used PayChex for three years and then one day they told us they couldn't help us with our Workers’ comp reports anymore because we were too small.

  We switched to The People Group and now wonder why we ever bothered using anyone else. Not only do they accurately administer our payroll and Workers’ Comp (with audit), but The People Group also assists with New Employee Orientation which has been incredible."

Linda Huser
Huser Sales & Services