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The People Group is rated #1 in payroll accuracy and timeliness - thanks to our unique Double Check Verification Process.

Our Double Check Verification Process Sets Us Above Other Payroll Outsourcing Companies

The People Group is a payroll outsourcing company that goes the extra mile for you. The People Group's Double Check Verification Process ensures accuracy as two separate payroll specialists independently verify each payroll and requested changes. This system is unique among payroll outsourcing companies and provides superior payroll accuracy. This also means two payroll specialists are intimately familiar with your company's payroll resulting in better coverage when assistance is needed.

In addition to having a better payroll process than other payroll companies, The People Group has proven it has and will go to extreme lengths to ensure on time payroll delivery to help keep you and your employees happy.

"We have used The People Group for 8 years.

  The People Group accurately assists with our Payroll, Hiring Orientation, Background checks, and 401k plan.  They are very responsive to our inquiries and most of the time we talk to an expert immediately or get a quick call back.  The People Group has gone the extra mile on several occasions working with us well past normal business hours.  Thank you The People Group!"

Michele Ferree
Mr. Rooter of Portland