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Stop being shuffled from one "dedicated" payroll specialist or account manager to the next!

At The People Group the average account manager tenure is over 10 years.

Unlike other human resources and payroll outsourcing providers, our employees boast an average of 18 years work experience in HR, workers' compensation, payroll, hiring, employee benefits, and new employee orientation and an average of over 10 years with The People Group.  In our business, like yours, experience and time of service makes a difference.  Experience is an indicator of knowledge, timely problem solving ability, and a positive proactive working environment. So with The People Group you avoid the payroll specialist or account manager shuffle and get better service.

A payroll outsourcing provider that lets you talk to a real person not a complicated calling tree!

Customer Service starts with dedicated HR, benefits and payroll specialists who are available when you need them. The People Group prefers to do business by conversation not complicated telephone trees or internet portals. This level of personalized real time customer service helps ensure accuracy and accountability while saving time.  It is an important difference from other human resources and payroll outsourcing providers and one you may not realize until you experience it yourself.

"Do to turnover at my old payroll company I trained three new payroll account managers about my business within nine months.

 So, I started looking for a new payroll company.  After reviewing several The People Group was the clear choice.  They are local, have competitive rates, and best of all their staff is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly.  The People Group Staff has been with the company for many years, which really was a positive for me.  Since the switch, The People Group has met and exceeded all my expectations."

Nicole Baker
Baker Rock Acquisition